Fits Children 4-8 Years Old.


Made with a lightweight twill, this apron is a solid choice for any kiddo that enjoys being a rockstar in the kitchen and in the arts and crafts room.


Crafted with a front lap pocket that can hold all of their kitchen supplies, art supplies, or their favorite bite size treats.


With adjustable neck straps and long waist straps, S&S Kiddo Aprons can grown with your child from ages 4-8. 


Made in Michigan | 100% Handmade | Ethically Sourced Fabrics and Materials  


Macaroon Kiddo Apron

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  • S&S uses only top-notch fabrics. Some of these are raw untreated denims which may bleed slightly in their first few wash cycles and over time will fade and patina naturally. Some aprons are not pre-shrunk and can be expected to shrink up to 1.5 inches during the first few washes. It is best to always follow these general rules:



      There are some other basic home methods to try if you have stains that won't come out. While we have successfully used these methods ourself, please note that we cannot guarantee that your stains will be removed or the product will not be damaged. Please always tests in a small area first.  

      Warm Salt Water: 
      Warm salt water works better if the stain is fresh and hasn't had time to dry. It is also really great for fresh tomato and wine stains.

      1. Dissolve about 1T salt in 1/2 C water
      2. Soak stained fabric in the salt water for 2-3 min
      3. Rub the fabric against itself under cold water


      Rubbing Alcohol: 
      This method is better for stains that have had time to dry. You can substitute white vinegar for the alcohol too. 

      1.   Dab rubbing alcohol onto the ink
      2. Allow a couple of minutes for the alcohol to penetrate the surface and react with the ink
      3. Blot the ink stain using layers of white paper towels or a cloth that has been dampened in either alcohol or water


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