Fig & Cream Cheese Baguettes

As seen on FOX 2 Detroit "The Nine Cooking School" and seasoned with The BOLD Collection by Chef Will Coleman -- CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Serves: 5 People People | 5 minutes- prep time | 5 minutes cooking time | 10 minutes- total time

1 demi-baguette, sliced into ½ inches slices

½ cup whipped cream cheese

1 tablespoon BOLD Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Sugar Blend - Order at

¼ cup slivered almonds

8 fresh figs, quartered

½ cup watercress

2 tablespoons honey


Heat a pan over medium heat. One the pan completely heats up, place the bread slices, into the pan. Toast the bread two-three minutes on each side.

Once the bread is finished toasting, spread a tablespoon of cream cheese onto each piece. Now, sprinkle the BOLD Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Sugar Blend over the bread.

Then, top the slices with slivered almonds and the quartered fresh figs. Finally, top them off with the watercress and drizzle the honey on top and a extra generous sprinkle of the BOLD Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Sugar Blend.


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