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Private Group Cooking Classes

Corporate, Friends, & Family 

Group Bonding Experiences 


Two Hours. Four Courses.
All The Fun. 

About Our Classes 

In the Winter of 2020, we launched our first virtual cooking class options for folks worldwide to engage with friends, family, and colleagues within their field of work. During our classes, your host and teacher, Chef Will Coleman, is sure to connect each other together through fun, laughter, shared kitchen mishaps, personal stories, cocktails, and food made with love. Our group classes create a whimsical and judgment-free atmosphere for all to take part in.

How It Works?

Scheduling a class? Booking a time to virtually bond and cook with your loved ones is super-duper easy! Fill out our contact form below, and we will contact you directly with information regarding pricing, scheduling, and menu options. 

Pricing? We offer a flat rate price for our classes. Payment should be paid in full by the group's organizer. This cost can be arranged by the group's organizer to be evenly split before or after the class session. 

Menu? With four custom menu offerings for our class, planning is made easy. We have options that make our cocktail lovers, meat-eaters, cheese heads, and super vegans taste buds do backflips. 

How many attendees are allowed? Unlike my grandmother's kitchen, there can never be too many cooks in our virtual classes. We leave it up to you to determine how many people/ who are invited. So, this is your grand opportunity to out-cook your entire crew!

Check Out What Our Cooks Have To Say!

"We had so much fun during our Holiday Cooking Class tonight... I never believed I could cook; he showed me that not only can I cook, but I can also enjoy cooking as well!! I would highly recommend his  class." 

"This was a great team-building activity, and we really appreciate Will for being so energetic and patient with us! Everything turned out amazing..."


"I found the class very fun, enlightening, engaging, and an easy pace to follow."

"Cooking with Will was awesome! His humor and encouragement helped me laugh my way through my experimental (and delicious) results in the class."

"Amazing time cooking vegan recipes which unbelievably turned out favorably delicious!"

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