Will Coleman is a chef and digital producer, focusing on infusing American cuisines with southern and global avenues. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Will spends time experiencing and writing about all things food and culture. Besides being obsessed with Jeni’s Ice Cream, he’s an advocate for flaky salt and hot sauce on almost everything.  


   Growing up, Will always had a passion for entertaining friends and family. Either he was busy putting on his daily magic shows, plays, or musicals, he always was sure to make people smile. After his various performances, he would always head to the kitchen, experimenting with flavors. At the age of twelve, Will knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life... To entertain people.


   A few years later, Will started to spend more time in the kitchen and less time putting on shows. Developing his personal flair, he decided that he wanted to cater to those afraid to get in the kitchen due to the complexities and time involved. Determined to change people's negative thoughts towards cooking, he created his debut cooking show, "Will's Bigg Kitchen," in the summer of 2014. The show featured Will Coleman and his friends cooking in the kitchen and implementing the fun and easy cooking side. The show has become a community name, and everyone from teens to adults can learn something from Will's positive outlook on cooking.


   In the fall of 2015, "Will's Bigg Kitchen" was given a new home at the WDHS Studios. The show would be produced by classmates, making it more of a fun and collaborative experience. Dearborn Local Cable then picked up the show, and fellow Dearborn residents would be able to experience Will's bright personality!


   After much success for Will and the show, he released his debut cookbook "Seconds Please" in November 2016. The book featured various recipes, from delicious comfort foods to easy-go to snacks. Then, going on to launch the BOLD Spice Company and Salt & Sugar Apron Collection.  


   Will is a strong believer that anything is possible; rather, it was following his dreams to entertain people or cooking up your wildest dreams; all you have to do is put your mind to it, and of course... have fun while pursuing your goals!


For more information regarding Will Coleman's journey, contact 

contact@chefwillcoleman.com  or follow Will on social media @chefwillcoleman and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more content.